Road Trip with Kids Tips to Save Your Sanity

While adults plan road trips on the journey, kids only think about the destination. Here are a few tips for smoother travels from my buddy Mike over at Done Just Right, Inc. on his thoughts about his recent trip he took with his family and young kids.

Know the Boring Spots

While you would prefer your kids put the screens down, not every route is exciting. There are only so many cactuses you can see whiz past before you get bored.

You can try playing a family game together or simply let them check out. Just let them know when there is something neat to see again.

Plan for Bathroom Breaks

Although the next rest area is an hour out, your family won’t wait that long. And you can’t always pull off to the side, either.

When you have little ones, you must have alternate paths planned for potty breaks. Even if they insist, they can’t, get them to try before leaving somewhere with plumbing.

Know When to Stop

Plan out when and were you are stopping along the way to ensure your kids do not get overly board. With a little research you can find several parks or locations that are great for the kids to burn off some energy before you continue on with your drive.

These days, it’s better to wait until you know you’re in a reliable lodging area. Choosing a safe, clean motel room is always best than a sketchy truck stop.

Plan for Problems

Even newer cars aren’t immune to flat tires and other problems. Unfortunately, they are quick ends to your family outing.

Never leave without an emergency road kit. And be sure you have the number for local roadside services. There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the road with a flat tire with young kids.


Be sure to bring some sort of entertainment. Whether its iPad or an in car DVD player. If you want to keep the noise and distractions down then this is a must have to keep the sanity. You can’t go wrong with the Frozen movie on repeat!


Just the same with entertainment if you are taking a long road trip you need to have a lot of snacks and goodies. Plan accordingly with the types of healthy snacks and junk food snacks to spread out as you want to ensure your kids are still eating healthy.

Here’s some more Parenting Tips for Road Trips with kids.

Among the most challenging parts of planning a trip is knowing where to stay. Unfortunately, things only get trickier when you bring your family along, too.

While no two hotels ever feel the same, some stand out above the rest. Here are our favorite lodging brands for those traveling with family.

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites has long offered quality rooms at affordable rates. Today, you can find many locations with modern décor and amenities for the whole family.

Most also feature onsite dining, free breakfasts, and one- to-two-room suites. No matter how large your family, you can find plenty of options.

Residence Inn

Staying here is like your home. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, these affordable suites are hard to beat.

Enjoy a kitchenette to save on food costs and lots of space to spread out. Many locations also include free breakfast options too.

Hyatt Resorts

Although pricier than their standard rooms, Hyatt Resorts is well worth it. You can bring the vacation to you with tons of onsite amenities.

These resorts feature water parks, golfing, and beach access based on their location. Plus, planning your trip around local off seasons offers significant savings.

Gaylord Resorts

There are currently only five Gaylord Resort locations, but they are spectacular. Each one creates its own sprawling district without leaving the resort.

That includes lots of dining, entertainment, and seasonal offerings to enjoy. No matter when you visit, you’ll have tons of luxurious choices.

Belize has long offered a laid-back destination for travelers worldwide. If you still haven’t been yet, now’s the perfect time to visit.

Plus, the nation isn’t banning passengers, but they are taking precautions. Continue reading more to make the most of your next trip.

COVID-19 Protocols

Like many vacation hotspots, you’ll find strict COVID-19 protocols in place. That doesn’t mean, though, you have to avoid traveling entirely.

You must have a negative test result taken within the last 72 hours. Many travelers are also subject to quarantine measures as well.

Natural Beauty: Land and Sea

Belize’s geography lends it tons of stunning natural sites to explore. That includes sandy beaches, waterfalls, and lush hiking trails, also.

There are even natural wonders within the ocean to see. Check out the Blue Hole, Belize Barrier Reef, and sunny Caye Caulker.

Beachside Resorts

Although there are many lodging choices, it’s tough to beat a beachside resort. Not only do you stay close to the shore, but improved peace of mind.

Sure, you’ll wind up paying more versus a traditional motel. But you do feel safer, more private, and you get a clean room, too.

Tikal | Ancient Mayan Ruins

Tikal is a UNESCO-designated historical site dating back to the Mayans. Not only can you see history here but experience it yourself.

If you have good sneakers and strong legs, see if you can climb the steps. Or find a guided tour to maximize your time spent here.

In travel, we have solo enthusiasts. These are other people like me who love seeing the world in our own set of eyes. If you’re an introvert, then you value space and independence.

It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Sometimes when you try solo travels for the first time, you would never wish to travel with a group. 

And the best part is that when you travel mingling and merging with people whom you share common interest happens naturally. You’ll never be out of ideas of the things to do. A time you’ll be surprised by the number of people whom you’ll meet, talk to, and accumulate a great wealth of knowledge. 

So, if you are seeking to travel solo, then here is the top destination that you need to consider. 

  • Costa Rica—Amazing for Beaches Solo Travel

It’s hard to find beaches with nature’s generosity extended to its travelers like Costa Rica. With its amazing hubs of Santa Teresa, Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo, Nosara, and La Fortuna, solo-travelers will love everything about this place. 

Once you arrive at the beaches, you will meet other surfers or yogis. You will find a crew to scale the volcanic peaks or the bat-bedecked caves. 

Whether you’re looking for kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, or jungle ziplining, then Costa Rica is the place to be. 

  • Stockholm, Sweden—Best Scandi Cool

Here is a place to experience the feeling of a fairytale experience. Connected across 14 islands by bridges with elegant parks and cobblestoned old town this city makes it a perfect destination for any solo traveler. 

For a touch of culture, start your tour at the Moderna Museet on the central island of Skeppsholmen. And the entire city will serve you cutting-edge-cuisine. 

Stockholm is a city you’ll love visiting solo. You’ll have the independence to try everything that interests you. 

  • Canada—Best place for Solo Adventure

The second-largest country in the world offers nothing else but adventures. It’s famously civilized. Classy and cultured cities, you’ll be treated with a dream experience. 

The outdoor adventure destinations in Canada are all easily accessible to its major cities, such as Ontario, Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto. 

The country offers several adventure activities for solo travel. From incredible landscapes, remote beaches, soaring mountains, lush rainforest, to wild tundra, your mind will be blown away by what you can experience in this country. 

  • Thailand—best Solo Destination For Acquiring New Skills 

When you visit Thailand, you can’t help but learn a new skill. From Thai cookery, yoga, massage, to scuba-diving, you’ll find a new skill to learn when you land. 

And if you have ever tried to learn something new on your travel, you know how it is easy when you’re alone—when there is no one else with their own priorities that you must accommodate. 

Parting Shot

When you travel solo, remember to get a good camera to capture every moment. All the above destinations will give you experiences you’ll never find elsewhere. 

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