The Best Hotels for Families

Among the most challenging parts of planning a trip is knowing where to stay. Unfortunately, things only get trickier when you bring your family along, too.

While no two hotels ever feel the same, some stand out above the rest. Here are our favorite lodging brands for those traveling with family.

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites has long offered quality rooms at affordable rates. Today, you can find many locations with modern décor and amenities for the whole family.

Most also feature onsite dining, free breakfasts, and one- to-two-room suites. No matter how large your family, you can find plenty of options.

Residence Inn

Staying here is like your home. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, these affordable suites are hard to beat.

Enjoy a kitchenette to save on food costs and lots of space to spread out. Many locations also include free breakfast options too.

Hyatt Resorts

Although pricier than their standard rooms, Hyatt Resorts is well worth it. You can bring the vacation to you with tons of onsite amenities.

These resorts feature water parks, golfing, and beach access based on their location. Plus, planning your trip around local off seasons offers significant savings.

Gaylord Resorts

There are currently only five Gaylord Resort locations, but they are spectacular. Each one creates its own sprawling district without leaving the resort.

That includes lots of dining, entertainment, and seasonal offerings to enjoy. No matter when you visit, you’ll have tons of luxurious choices.

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