Road Trip with Kids Tips to Save Your Sanity

While adults plan road trips on the journey, kids only think about the destination. Here are a few tips for smoother travels from my buddy Mike over at Done Just Right, Inc. on his thoughts about his recent trip he took with his family and young kids.

Know the Boring Spots

While you would prefer your kids put the screens down, not every route is exciting. There are only so many cactuses you can see whiz past before you get bored.

You can try playing a family game together or simply let them check out. Just let them know when there is something neat to see again.

Plan for Bathroom Breaks

Although the next rest area is an hour out, your family won’t wait that long. And you can’t always pull off to the side, either.

When you have little ones, you must have alternate paths planned for potty breaks. Even if they insist, they can’t, get them to try before leaving somewhere with plumbing.

Know When to Stop

Plan out when and were you are stopping along the way to ensure your kids do not get overly board. With a little research you can find several parks or locations that are great for the kids to burn off some energy before you continue on with your drive.

These days, it’s better to wait until you know you’re in a reliable lodging area. Choosing a safe, clean motel room is always best than a sketchy truck stop.

Plan for Problems

Even newer cars aren’t immune to flat tires and other problems. Unfortunately, they are quick ends to your family outing.

Never leave without an emergency road kit. And be sure you have the number for local roadside services. There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the road with a flat tire with young kids.


Be sure to bring some sort of entertainment. Whether its iPad or an in car DVD player. If you want to keep the noise and distractions down then this is a must have to keep the sanity. You can’t go wrong with the Frozen movie on repeat!


Just the same with entertainment if you are taking a long road trip you need to have a lot of snacks and goodies. Plan accordingly with the types of healthy snacks and junk food snacks to spread out as you want to ensure your kids are still eating healthy.

Here’s some more Parenting Tips for Road Trips with kids.

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